How our mind works

Motivational, Personal Development

An easy to understand and important explanation of our mind was created by Dr. Thurman Fleet.If  we understand how our mind works we will be able to change our lives.



There are two parts of our mind:

  • The conscious part is where we make choices, think, decide and accept or reject ideas
  • The subconscious part where everything is accepted as true that comes from the conscious part of mind. It cannot make choices or accept/reject ideas

People usually get influenced by outside matters like the media, opinion of their friends, etc… If they are in a positive environment then these impacts have a positive outcome for them and they will live a good life. Those positive ideas are absorbed in our subconscious mind and we create a habit or belief out of them. The same things happens with the negative ones: we absorb them and they become  our belief or habit as well.

If we are stuck with something in our surroundings that has both positive and negative aspects we, might absorb both aspects.However, the negatives ones will hold us back from doing something we want to do. The solution is to choose only positive aspects. Ask yourself if something will benefit or worsen your life.Negative feelings are not true.We humans are creative beings.We create our own reality in our mind.



Why I Avoid Mainstream Media

Personal Development

Sometimes people around me ask me if I heard about this and that tragedy or watched the news on tv. I always say no and then they look astonished and try to explain about a certain event that has happened. However, I tell them directly that I am not interested and I never watch the news or tv in general, because I simply think the media is a repetitive robot that wants to brainwash people. Every day they must write and talk about at least one war, people dying, family dramas, economies crashing, etc,.

They also exaggerate immensely, compromising the accuracy of their information. I was once in the midst of a turmoil caused by some people. They were attacking stores and stealing their goods. They were not targeting any humans. Breaking news was everywhere telling you that you have to fear for your life because you might get attacked and robbed. The best thing to do is to stay at home for a couple of days for your own security.  The next day the whole atmosphere in the city was morbid. Stores, gyms and other facilities were closed. If you wanted to buy some food, you had to go to your local grocer where the gates where half shut  and public transportation was not running regularly either. It was a huge mass panic for nothing.

Before you even start watching or reading about the latest happenings, the message the media sends through their big headlines is that you have to be in fear. It comes across like a threat as if you are not fearful, your life will be destroyed. This is called mind control. To make even more sure than I am already I just quickly went to check the BBC UK news website and read some news headlines. I did not find even one positive one. However, reading the news is not as effective as watching it on tv for affecting your subconscious mind. After a certain time you will consider violence and other bad situations as normal. Slowly, slowly you will accept it and make it a part of your life. Not only the news but also movies, advertisements on billboards, tvs and magazines alter your behaviour or personality.


Causes are questionable too. There are days dedicated to aids, breast cancer, poverty etc, where people are encouraged to give to charities. Celebrities are invited to events and it is more of a media hype than a cure. A friend of mine works for the U.N. in Germany. He said 80% of people`s donation are used for administrative costs. I am not saying that you should not donate. Just choose an organization that gives more money directly to those people and help them in person, if you feel like. There is no need for hyping things like these up.


Do not believe in what you read or see in the media. It is programmed to not make you think for yourself. Follow your intuiton, build your own opinion and empower yourself! If you keep discussing  bad happenings over and over again, you do not change the situation or help people in danger by showing pity for them. In fact you are harming them. If you show pity you see people as weak and you do not trust in the fact that they also have a higher self to guide them. The only thing you can do is wish them well.





Difficult People

Personal Development

Sometimes there can be a person in your life who is extremely annoying. They  keep appearing and interfering in your business.

What can you possibly do? Strangling them seems like a great option, but you do not want to spend the rest of your life in prison.;) Telling them your opinion in a heated conversation feels powerful, however that will not get you far because everyone feels that their own opinion is correct and all others are wrong. It would be a clash of egos and will get you nowhere.

First of all do not label this as a negative situation. Even if it is hard for you at the moment to extract something positive out of it, be thankful that the hateful person showed you how to love yourself even more.

Their action towards you shows where they stand in their life and, obviously, if they are mean they are insecure, have many issues and, most importantly, that they are very disconnected from their source energy. They will try everything to put you down and make themselves feel better and are very defensive if you point out their faults. You can see their desperation for well-being. Now what matters the most is your response towards unreasonable people.

If you get emotionally affected by an attack, then you are agreeing with these annoying people and you feel that whatever they are saying about you is true. At least some part of you feels persuaded by them otherwise you would not be buying their attack. These people are your excuse not to feel good, be out of alignment and not let abundance come into your life.

The difficult person created a version of you and you created a version of them, mostly because both of you rely on past experiences with each other. By thanking them for showing you that you have not been loving yourself as much as you should, you create a different version of them and their version of yourself will also change. More and more you will not see their reflection of fear towards you. They will still exist and live their life putting other people down and insulting them, but they will leave you out of it, because you are willing to love yourself more. You have to let them be themselves  and let them live their own life in order to allow the reality you want to be in.


This is a shadow play. You are constantly shifting from one reality to another one. If you focus on getting more annoyed you will pick up more of this type of person into your life, but if you stop entertaining them, they will totally disappear. If you are not fully aligned with what you want, you will attract mixed people for a while. One day you will only interact with people that have a similar vibration to yourself.

You cannot change anyone in this world, and it is not your duty to do so, but it is in your hand if you want to be controlled or take control over your own reality. Always remember one thing: a mean person reflects exactly what you are not!!! You decide what is true and what is a lie!



Unconditional Love

Personal Development
We are in an era where people ‘find’ love through an app. You can swipe your way to find worldly love. The more you put yourself out there, the more possibilities are there to meet someone. Apparently it is a ‘cool’ game to ‘collect’ many superficial lovers. I do not see this as a ‘cool’ statistical game. To me, this is something to fill someone’s void for the wrong reasons like being lonely forever or by fulfilling their physical desires. That is why many choose someone based on shallow characteristics.

It takes more than an app to find deep unconditional love. You have to start digging deeper inside yourself, to get to know yourself. You have to touch those places in your heart that are painful and work on them. You may lose yourself in that process, but you have to let go of these pains that are projections or expectations of what you think unconditional love is. You can say that unconditional love is like a compass. ‘What you seek, is seeking you’ (Rumi). You spread love wherever you are and all that is, shall be loved.

Love is not limited and can be spread and felt over oceans, countries and the entire universe, without craving for someone’s closeness. I, myself am single, in fact I am more single than a single person can be.  I am not seeing or even talking to anyone. However the thought that there is someone out there for me, satisfies me.
If you want to feel unconditional love, you must start living your authentic truthful self. It will enrich your being and make you focus on what will last forever.


Personal Development

Throughout the years I realized the more you become mindful, the more you feel misunderstood by others.
You have to accept the fact that everyone has a different perspective of what is right or wrong and most of us do not even try to understand a person.
Instead of connecting to those that do not understand your depth of mind and be upset with them, the best solution is to move on and find people that resonate with you. Yes, you may lose a lot of friends in this process, but the only thing that is of significance, is to find your purpose in life and build your lifestyle around it.

While your passion may seem irrelevant to others, it will fill your existence with meaning. You do not need anyone’s consent to be yourself. It is the human need of feeling socially accepted that makes one miserable. So it is totally fine, if you feel detached from the world at times. Remember that the right people will always feel driven to your personality and they will adore you for who you are.




The Beginning

Lifestyle, Misc

It was July 2014 when I was standing in front of two wardrobes full of clothes which had to be organized. I was dreading it because I knew it would take me two days to put everything in order. I had so many things, and I felt suffocated. Little did I know that there were books about decluttering/minimalism (I still have not yet read one) and my surrounding was of no help. Pretty much all of my female friends are super materialistic and some next level hoarders. There isn’t much more to expect if you are born in a ‘first’ world country. You make money and spend it on irrelevant goods. No worries about anything, as long as you can get the latest designer bag.


I wanted to get out of that vicious circle. I could not imagine wasting my time cleaning anymore. So I started sorting out my clothes that were brand new. I donated all of them, sold my cds and my books as well. It felt really great to be released from it all. It usually takes me 3 hours to clean. I want to reduce the time to 1 hour. Time is precious,and I definitely want to spend time doing more meaningful things in life than just cleaning.
I have started simplifying things in every aspect of my life. Throughout the next couple of weeks I will explain more and go into details of these changes.

Til next time,