The Law of Attraction (simply explained)

Motivational, Personal Development

Picture that you like someone very much and imagine how wonderful it would be to spend time with that person. You call that person up and ask her/him out for a date. You guys meet up and have a wonderful time together and both of you are happy. That is pretty much one example of the law of attraction. You could imagine the same situation where instead you meet, and you start complaining about your life, and how you have not been on dates for ages, and how you blame a person from your past for bad experiences, etc., and you are then more likely to get rejected, leaving you to feel sad and lonely. Sounds absurd, doesn`t it? However we tend to live this harder way. You must have heard complaints around your social circle, where someone is not happy with their finances, jobs, or relationship status. If there is this “face the facts” way of thinking, one creates even more of that certain “fact.” When you are feeling negative emotions, stop whatever you are doing and focus on something you like doing. E.g. listen to music or pet your dog. Find a way out of that feeling. With practice you will be able to recognize your feelings faster. Feelings are the scale for your well-being.

Appreciate what you have and be grateful for everything else. Everything is fine.

It does not matter if you know about the law of attraction or not. It is always here and there is nothing which is unaffected by this law. There is more to it than our physical part. We are eternal beings and we have something called the inner-self in us. It existed long before we came into our physical dimension.