Pre-Destined Future?

Personal Development

I have never been to a professional astrologer, though I appreciate the work of a psychic or someone who is able to read our future, and believe there is nothing wrong in seeking the help of one if someone feels lost, or wishes to reach out for help. However, I think those astrologers are just feeling the current projected energies of a person.

Energies can be changed and what I want to say is there is no fixed reality or future, rather there is what we are exuding out into the universe. We can always shift our energy or our focus to what we desire. In that way we will not give the power of creating our future to someone who claims to know such projections. It is not about letting others control our lives and giving up. It is about us creating our own lives and knowing ourselves what to do. I have developed very strong intuitions about taking power of my own decisions. I do not want anyone to empower me in the way of creating my future. What I want to say is there is no pre-destined future, rather there is what we create in the present.