How our mind works

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An easy to understand and important explanation of our mind was created by Dr. Thurman Fleet.If  we understand how our mind works we will be able to change our lives.



There are two parts of our mind:

  • The conscious part is where we make choices, think, decide and accept or reject ideas
  • The subconscious part where everything is accepted as true that comes from the conscious part of mind. It cannot make choices or accept/reject ideas

People usually get influenced by outside matters like the media, opinion of their friends, etc… If they are in a positive environment then these impacts have a positive outcome for them and they will live a good life. Those positive ideas are absorbed in our subconscious mind and we create a habit or belief out of them. The same things happens with the negative ones: we absorb them and they become  our belief or habit as well.

If we are stuck with something in our surroundings that has both positive and negative aspects we, might absorb both aspects.However, the negatives ones will hold us back from doing something we want to do. The solution is to choose only positive aspects. Ask yourself if something will benefit or worsen your life.Negative feelings are not true.We humans are creative beings.We create our own reality in our mind.



Pre-Destined Future?

Personal Development

I have never been to a professional astrologer, though I appreciate the work of a psychic or someone who is able to read our future, and believe there is nothing wrong in seeking the help of one if someone feels lost, or wishes to reach out for help. However, I think those astrologers are just feeling the current projected energies of a person.

Energies can be changed and what I want to say is there is no fixed reality or future, rather there is what we are exuding out into the universe. We can always shift our energy or our focus to what we desire. In that way we will not give the power of creating our future to someone who claims to know such projections. It is not about letting others control our lives and giving up. It is about us creating our own lives and knowing ourselves what to do. I have developed very strong intuitions about taking power of my own decisions. I do not want anyone to empower me in the way of creating my future. What I want to say is there is no pre-destined future, rather there is what we create in the present.



The Law of Attraction (simply explained)

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Picture that you like someone very much and imagine how wonderful it would be to spend time with that person. You call that person up and ask her/him out for a date. You guys meet up and have a wonderful time together and both of you are happy. That is pretty much one example of the law of attraction. You could imagine the same situation where instead you meet, and you start complaining about your life, and how you have not been on dates for ages, and how you blame a person from your past for bad experiences, etc., and you are then more likely to get rejected, leaving you to feel sad and lonely. Sounds absurd, doesn`t it? However we tend to live this harder way. You must have heard complaints around your social circle, where someone is not happy with their finances, jobs, or relationship status. If there is this “face the facts” way of thinking, one creates even more of that certain “fact.” When you are feeling negative emotions, stop whatever you are doing and focus on something you like doing. E.g. listen to music or pet your dog. Find a way out of that feeling. With practice you will be able to recognize your feelings faster. Feelings are the scale for your well-being.

Appreciate what you have and be grateful for everything else. Everything is fine.

It does not matter if you know about the law of attraction or not. It is always here and there is nothing which is unaffected by this law. There is more to it than our physical part. We are eternal beings and we have something called the inner-self in us. It existed long before we came into our physical dimension.



The Beginning

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It was July 2014 when I was standing in front of two wardrobes full of clothes which had to be organized. I was dreading it because I knew it would take me two days to put everything in order. I had so many things, and I felt suffocated. Little did I know that there were books about decluttering/minimalism (I still have not yet read one) and my surrounding was of no help. Pretty much all of my female friends are super materialistic and some next level hoarders. There isn’t much more to expect if you are born in a ‘first’ world country. You make money and spend it on irrelevant goods. No worries about anything, as long as you can get the latest designer bag.


I wanted to get out of that vicious circle. I could not imagine wasting my time cleaning anymore. So I started sorting out my clothes that were brand new. I donated all of them, sold my cds and my books as well. It felt really great to be released from it all. It usually takes me 3 hours to clean. I want to reduce the time to 1 hour. Time is precious,and I definitely want to spend time doing more meaningful things in life than just cleaning.
I have started simplifying things in every aspect of my life. Throughout the next couple of weeks I will explain more and go into details of these changes.

Til next time,


Welcome To My Blog

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You may or may not know me, but my name is Ishi and I’m the owner of this blog. I lost all of my earlier content from 2012 til now. Maybe that was a sign to start fresh and write more about what is going on currently in my life. I have changed a lot. I have become more aware, calm, and I am happy to share with you my personal development & conscious lifestyle. The soul-searcher in me is still present. 😉
There is also a music section where you can listen to my original songs.



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